Prayer for Financial help

by Giselle (Maryland)

Dear Lord,

I am coming to you because I have no where else to go. God help me! I am a single
Mom, and I need to provide for my little girl. Lord my rent is past due, my car note is past due and all my bills are past due. My phone, cable and internet disconnected; and I have no money. I am coming to you for help, to ease my stress and
Help me find my path. I not asking for riches lord, I am asking for financial stability so that we can continue to live our lives.

Lord, I know tha I not worthy. But you are a good
God, a forgiving and merciful father. I ask for your help; and if not
for me for my innocent little girl that does know or understand the struggles of her mother.
I pray in your Holy name, Amen.

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