Prayer for financial help to save my home…

by Craig ()

You know my heart and my soul. You know the my struggles. After losing my job of 25 years and being out of work for almost two years, I have found part time work again. All praise and glory is yours Lord for this.

I continue to hold my head up and look for more work, knowing that you are always watching over me and present… guiding me as only you can. Although I am back working part time, the past two years without work has left us financially drained. I am behind on our property taxes and we may lose our home if I can’t pay these back taxes within the next month.

Please Lord, if you find it in your gracious heart, help me past this last hurdle as you continue to pull me through and out of all other hard times in my life. I know that I am not worthy of your grace, but if you find it in your heart, please send me guidance and comfort through this difficult time. All praise and glory are yours Lord.


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