Prayer for Financial Help & Strength to Resist the Urge to Gamble

Dear Father,

I am unworthy to be called your child for the many sins i have committed against you. I have indulged in gambling and have hurt my family deeply. I have put myself in financial trouble and have made my family suffer because of this. I am reduced to nothing right now. I have lost all self respect because of this vice.

My bills have piled up that I cannot even pay for basic necessities. I cannot resist this temptation without your strength to guide me. Help me Father. I know that in spite of my sinfulness you are still there to welcome me. I need your help. Stay beside me as I struggle to walk in the path that you want me to follow.

Please take care of my family, my aging mother, my brother, my children and grandchildren. Cover them with the mantle of you love that they may be protected from all harm. Grant them the grace to seek you in their daily struggles as well as in their joy. I know that you hear my prayer Lord and I trust that you will touch and heal me.

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