Prayer for Financial Help in Paying Monthly Bills

by Cheryl (Conyers, GA, USA)

Dear God,

Please help me with finances and budgeting to pay the monthly bills. You know how we have struggled these last few years and you know our needs to continue making the monthly payments. But we really need your help this month … car expenses, cut in weekly hours, and trying to catch up … I’m not sure how we will make it. I’m so stressed and do not want put this burden on my daughter. She’s already stressed and working her best to try to get more hours at work. Please help us dear Lord. You have protected us in so many ways and have blessed us in getting some child support. Help me Lord! Strengthen me and carry me through these hard times. I need you so desperately. When I start to feel overwhelmed, please bring peace. Guide me on how to pay the bills for each month, help me learn more about budgeting and making the best of our circumstances. In Jesus’ name I pray these requests for your financial blessing on my family.

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