Prayer for Financial help from God

by Philip (Lagoa Nigeria)

Oh Lord, I am so stressed and worried. You have been so good to me and my family Lord. But I am worried because as things seem to be getting alright, things gets back to same level we have passed. I asked, what must be responsible.

Father Lord, you promised you will not leave us alone , father give us rest from this struggles. Sometimes I feel there is a hole somewhere or something else is the cause. You said you will supply all our need according to your riches in glory.

Father, please step into my situation. I cannot handle this alone. I have so much needs that money shall solve. I am confused right now and do not know what to do. I turn this situation over to you. You are our source and provider, father have mercy on me and give me and my family freedom from this lack.

We need money to meet our daily financial needs. We have suffered too long long.
Father we thank you because when we call YOU, father you answer quickly. Thank you as we focus on you, let money and every good things be attracted to us in Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. just one word from everytime will be alright

    Lord father, please ke in my financial constrainst… My debts are over my head… I know you are the only one who can help me…i am not asking for so much just enough to put me back in my two feet again.. I know u know what is best for me. Please answer my prayers in jesus name your son, amen.

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