Prayer for Financial Help for Our Family

Dear Lord,

Please help us on our financial situation right now. We have been struggling financially for the past four months. And right now we have nothing anymore that could help us provide financially. Our business, that is our only source of living is under financial crisis. Lord, please help and rescue us on this trouble and burden. We could not pay for our bills, our suppliers, our loans and other financial needs from our business.

We have also debt from other people in which they are the one that we only know who could help us financially. We have no one else to turn to except You Lord. You are our only hope. Our refugee. Our saviour. We believe that nothing is impossible on You Lord.

Please help us Lord to be free from our debt. It has really been affecting us emotionally. Please help us our business to get out on its financial crisis. Everyday I was worried on whats going to happen and how to face our problem. Weve also been worried of our employee. I know Lord weve made a mistake in handling our finances before please give us one more chance Lord.

Please help us Lord. Please provide us the financial help that we need to ease this burden. We bring back all the praise and thank you for all your help with us. We ask this with all humility in Jesus Name. Amen

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