Prayer for Financial Help During these difficult times

Mother of Perpetual Help, we pray to you to help us in this financial burden. We have been in this situation for a long time. We admit Mother of Perpetual Help that we accumulated too much debt and now we don’t know how to move on without your help.

We are so desperate and hopeless with our life. It come to a point that me and my husband most of the time argue coz we don’t know where to find ways to pay our debt in bank. Bank has put pressure in us and put us on legal agency just to pay our debt. So many times we even borrow to our friends just to pay our bank due.

We are truly sorry for what we have done in our life. Please forgive us and aid us in this financial woes. We are in great pain and losing hope in our life. Please strengthen us, enlighten our faith, give grace and guidance that we endure this trials and to be debt free. We know that you are our big GOD in midst of this big problem. We put our trust in YOU.

Please extend your hands on us in this temporal need. We feel that there is no end with our problem. Every month we are always experiencing this kind of situation. Hear our plea, Mother of Mercy and whisper to the ear of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ and let his heart be open to God, the Father and God, the Holy Spirit. AMEN.