Prayer for financial help Asap for mother and daughter business team

by Denyse (Pennsylvania)

Dear Lord, we are requesting money for bills and our business. webdon’t want anyone to get hurt, I play certain numbers when I play the lottery, I pray these numbers will be blessed in order to give use the financial freedom we need. We will do so much good with the money. I pray somehow we gain financial freedom, without injury or misfortune coming to us our anyone else.

My mother and I sunk all our savings into our business. We do a lot of charity locally. We give always, more than can be claimed for taxes. We are in desperate need of 15,000 to 25,000 to just keep our business afloat. We have an opportunity to get a very big name brand in our store which will bring people in. We are down 18,000 in sales this new year. I pray our business will pack back up. We literally put everything back into the business without paying ourselves. I always say God put us in our store for a reason. We do a lot for our community, even just being there for people to talk to. We have so many bills to pay and we really could use this money asap, before it’s too late. I am disabled and my mother gave up her life to take care of me. She also takes care of my grandmother, as we are both in wheelchairs. I thank you all who are willing to help us! God bless you.

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