Prayer for Financial help and recovery

Dear God,

For far to long I have struggled as an under earner no matter how hard. I try to improve my situation.

I have always been grateful to you for all the good in my life but I feel stuck in a hamster wheel of poverty. I have been living well below the poverty line even in full time jobs and good work ethics. Unfortunately I have suffered to many crummy low paying job situations not to mention greedy employers who also have no problem with mistreating me. Even when I respectfully stand up for my own human dignity it generally leads to the end of my job. In other words I am pretty sick of being kicked around and underpaid yet I don’t have the money to open my own business yet and I keep suffering setbacks. I didn’t come from money and I never really had a supportive family. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. As far as my own personal spending goes, I barely get to enjoy indulging in anything others do such as dining or going out to do fun things. In fact, I am lucky if I can even afford to eat at all. Even when I buy groceries at a discount store I wind up falling behind on bills. I am juggling many ways to earn more including trying to sell my unused belongings in various ways but still I am having no luck. I don’t own a car. I use public transportation in order not to incur more expenses. Yet I am really in financial crisis.
Everyone who knows me says things like. “You are the most talented person I know”, yet having talent or working hard has yet to prove lucrative or even financially beneficial at all for me.

I belive I should earn much more but I can’t seem to get where I need to go. I am filled with incredible frustration and my faith is suffering. Especially after looking over my journals for the past ten years and seeig all my prayers seeming still going unanswered. I seriously need a legitimate break in many areas of my life.
I am very disciplined in my habits. I run many miles a day. Have no unhealthy habits. Don’t own a tv. Don’t waste my time…
I am always improving myself. Yet I am getting extremely discouraged. I can’t even pay my rent this month due to some setbacks and I am so sick of feeling like a begger.
Please help me somehow to break this cycle and rise above it all soon. I need some kind of miraculous breakthrough in my life. Also, help me and my sweetheart have a breakthrough because we want so much to marry someday but financial issues are keeping us from this and it’s heartbreaking for us both. Please help us both out of crisis and so we can be together and love quite comfortably. Thank you for all the blessings we do have. Thank you that we have made it as far as we have. Please help us rise above all of this and have a better life and most of all be together and afford a decent and enjoyable living and put hardship, crisis and struggle behind us for good.
Thank you, amen.

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