Prayer for financial help and a new life in Canada

Dear Lord,

I thank You and Mama Mary for all the blessings that come our way as we journey this most difficult time on our lives. I lost my job and I am not hired by companies I have applied. I thank You because You provide us food and all that we need even if we have no income and this has been for more than a year now. I am happy to have You and Mama Mary in our lives because everyday is a journey and every day You give us blessings. May You continue to guide us and we ask your Divine Intervention so that we will be able to find a buyer of our property that would help us in migrating to Canada and and a new life there. This is the most difficult time in my life but I believe that You and Mama Mary has made this journey lighter and has made us be more closer to YOu and Mama mary. I need Your mercy and blessing so that we will be able to start a new life with You in our midst.
This I ask in Your name. Amen

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