prayer for financial healing and prosperity

by Karen Louise (Toronto ON)

Dear God, the Archangels and Angels

I AM requesting your Divine Assistance in manifesting the money I need to support myself and my son during this time. I feel so discouraged as I expend so much energy trying to build a better life, and yet I am met with one hurdle after another. I try so hard to be the best I can be and to be a good mother and I feel drained, lonely, and un-supported. I understand money is energy. I AM asking for the Divine Assistance of my spiritual team and guides to remove and disable the gatekeepers of my financial abundance. Please guide me to prosperityconsciousness.Through abundance I AM able to assist others, and keep my family’s health strong. I know, feel, and believe my team can her my prayer for guidance and Divine Assistance. Please help to manifest these prayers on the Physical plane. I thank you advance for the help I know I AM about to receive.

Through Jesus Christ’s precious, pure, and Holy name I pray,


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