Prayer for Financial healing and continual overflow

by Demetria (Ocean Springs, MS)

Dear Lord,

I am your servant. Lord I reverence you and praise your mighty name. Father if you find anything within me that is not like you, Lord, I ask God that you remove it from me in the Name Of Jesus. Father, I have been faithful with what you have given me. I have continually paid my tithes without question.

Lord, I need your help. I have been having financial problems for as long as I can remember. I have always struggled to pay my bills but I do pay them. I put you first above any and everything. You have taught me that. Now Lord the time has come where I need you to return to me what is rightfully mine; full financial freedom and continual overflow.

Lord, your word says that if I ask in the name of Jesus that the mountain will be moved. Father I am asking name in your son Jesus name to remove the financial burdens, move the financial debts out of my life and my childrens lives. Let them not have to face what I face on a every day basis. Lord, move debts out of my childrens childrens lives so on and so forth. Father, your word says that whatsoever is bound on earth is bound in heaven and whatsoever is loose on earth is loose in heaven.

Father, loose now in jesus name continual overflow. Let financial blessings overtake me and my family as we strive to do your will. I seal this prayer in Jesus mighty name….Amen

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