Prayer for financial freedom

by Raylene (South Africa)

Thank you,Lord for my life,my health,my family,Thank you Lord for my job,my salary. Thank you Lord that I can breath,hear,see,touch.

Lord I come before theee and humble ask for financial freedom,I ask that you come and erase all financial worry from me.I know I am not worthy and that I was greedy to buy things I did not even want or need.

Lord I beg you forgiveness and pray that I will have a solution soon,Thy will be done,Amen!

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  1. God Blessings

    Dear God,

    i have trust in you and please bless me with your kind for my financial freedom……on my dear , i hope that u hearing me..

  2. For you I give the glory

    Heavenly Father, you know each and every one of our financial situations. Money can be the root of all evil. I beg you in my time of unemployment to bless me financially with a career where I can flourish in the talents & gifts you have given me. Allow me to pay back the debts I have encurred to people who so graciously have blessed me. I humble myself to the goodness that sometimes seems lost. I ask with your blessing of financial freedom you also keep my eyes wide to temptation and to utilize my finances in all the right ways. Help me bless others in need. Help me to provide for my children but also teach them financial ability to stay out of debt and money management through my own demonstration. Allow me to NEVER take for granite your gifts, and always keep you #1 in my life. Help me to continue to grow spiritually and find all my strength in you. 2 Corinthians 5:7 I am a whole new person with a whole new life.

    In Jesus Name I pray. I trust you hear my cries and promise 7 x 70.

  3. My Mistakes

    Lord, please help me correct my mistakes and get out of this financial mess I got myself in. There’s something I shouldn’t have bought, but at least now instead of using it for myself I’m renting it, at a lower rent than anyone else nearby. Even now, when I’m hoping I’m listening to what God wants me to do, I’m not. I lost $500 just this month for stupid reasons because I panicked. I stopped talking to God and started listening, so now a couple things are here that will help me. Please help me listen to God instead of telling him what i want.

  4. Financial relief

    Lord, can you please hear my cries for our financial crisis that we are currently experiencing. My husband works very hard to try and make things easy for me, but unfortunately to my lack of courtesy I have put him in a big financial bind and really praying for some small token of relief. He really want to quit his job and find another one, but I am afraid this sudden move will put us deeper in a financial bind and this will be the breaking point in our marriage. Lord please hear me he really don’t deserve my mistakes that I have done to cause this burden we are experiencing. Not looking to be rich or well off just looking to make it from pay check to pay check if needed! Just so, long as we are not being overdrawn on the regular. This is killing me and I want to correct my screw up please help my family….dear Lord! AMEN!

  5. Prayer for financial relief

    Dear God,
    I come to you through the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I come asking you to guide me and provide me relief in the time of my financial crisis. Currently, my finances are minimum and I can’t pay any bills. I’m subbing but it’s not enough to meet my financial obligations. However, I thank God for my health and the health of my family. I thank God for my husband pulling our financial load but we have almost exhausted all residual income. I know God will never leave or forsake us so I’m asking in Jesus name and through His will I submit and I receive the shifting of our circumstances. Amen

  6. Financial freedom

    Heavenly Father, thank you for our lives, thank you for Your blessing. Lord,I am also a single divorced mother, with 2 beautiful children, that you have blessed me with. Heavenly father,I am at myI am at breaking point, financially I cannot cope any more. Please please, please guide and help me with a solution. I ask this in the name of God the Father and the son. Please forgive my sins.

  7. Prayer for financial freedom

    Dear Lord I ask for financial freedom I am a single mother my daughter is entering her Senior year and I would like to be able to bless her with all that she deserves, my rent has recently increased and I am struggling to pay my bills…I cant even afford to take her to the movies and it is making me feel like a loser. I normally just focus on the positive but lately it has been hard and find myself breaking down a lot, I ask that you please give me the strength that I need to keep moving forward and ask that all financial stress be lifted and all financial holds be reversed! I turn my struggles over to you and ask that you always be in control of our life…in Jesus name we pray.

  8. Financial Freedom

    I just want to pray for financial freedom. I struggle with paying bills every month. I am a single mother of 3 kids and I try to stay strong for my kids but deep down, I want to scream because I can’t afford to give them the things they need. I’m barely making it paycheck to paycheck right now and I wish that would change soon so that I can be stress free and continue to provide for my children.

  9. financial

    I pray for each one I also have financial crisis help us lord to do your will an keep are faith I know you will walk with us in our time of need we ask for blessing of money to help each other in our time of need thankyou lord thy will be done

  10. at the end of our rope

    After a spinal surgery and being off work for 2 years family took a devastating blow. 30,000 in unpaid hospital bills after insurance coverage…yes, our credit cards are maxed, our house is maxed….we had no choice other than to loose everything and be homeless with our children

    We are thankful for our current jobs, although they do not pay enough to get us out from under our debt…we will not file bankruptcy. Now our son has lost his job and we have been helping him for a year…we need God’s intercession quickly and desperately. We do not eat out..ever…our clothing comes from needed…our cars are all close to 20 years old…200,000 each. when one breaks down…it is depressing to fix financially. Last week…both broke down..muffler fell off..water pump gone…

    We are not greedy…did not acquire the debt through want…just life….I beseech everyone to pray in our behalf…just as we do for anyone else in dire circumstances. We recently lost a nephew and the family could not afford a burial..we scraped up 50.00 to help…the next week both cars went down…this has been going on for 8 years now…since the surgery…we cannot get out of this awful circumstances…we NEED GOD. depression is consuming both of us. we work, and the rest of our lives is within our home…we cannot leave our house due to the financial burden…no money even for gas..except work transportation.

  11. God help me

    Dear God I having problem with paying my light bill I pray that u send my break through soon please forgive me for my sins and to lead me too u father and to do right by yoy. Jesus name I pray Amen

  12. Financial Freedom

    To my Creator,
    I want to first thank you for my beautiful children and my wonderful husband. I thank you for our health, home and their jobs. This night I come before you to ask you for a financial breakthrough, it’s been so hard for us. Seems like we are drowning. I know you see everything, and you know that we are doing the best we can. Please come to our rescue with deliverance.
    Thank You in advance.

  13. Prayer for Financial Freedom


    I thank you for all of the many blessings you’ve bestowed upon me and my family. Since my divorce, I’ve had to use cards to survive. I pray for financial freedom to help take care of my household and the boys. I ask for your forgiveness and guidance through this next season. I love you and thank you for loving me and for your peace and deliverance. I lift this up to you in Jesus name!!! Amen!!

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