Prayer for Financial Freedom and US Visa approval for me and my son

by Iamloved (Manila,Philippines)

Lord almighty father, I know that you are the greatest father of all. I come to you with gratitude and faith that all my heart’s desire will materialize. I come to you, open to your plans for me, for I believe that you already decided what is best for me and my family in this lifetime.

In my heart i pray to provide abundantly for my family especially for my two darling children. I pray to be able to spend time with them while I do my calling. I claim that you have granted me a job that would make me earn P90,000.00/month, to be able to get our family car and house and your guidance and assistance that my US visa application with my son, be approved.

With faith, love and gratitude. All my prayers have been answered. Through the intercession of Mary mother of Christ, St. Gerard and in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,


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