Prayer for Financial distress

by Yvonne R. (RGV, Texas USA)

Please St Jude, I ask for your assistance in our financial situation with a business that we recently started and has been slowly sinking. I pray to you that you give us a hand in allowing us to not let this low period in our life ruin everything we have worked for all our lives.

That this financial situation does not ruin my husband and my relationship. That he can find the strength to step up and take the reins with courage. I do not ask for riches but only for enough to allow us to pay our bills.

That I can find peace in my heart and allow me to function on a day to day and be there for my children without burdening them or allowing them to see me in this depressing state I find myself in. I promise o Blessed St Jude to be ever faithful to you and to encourage devotion to you, AMEN.

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