Prayer for Financial Comfort & Stability

by Shetarra (NC)

Lord I come to you as humble as I know how asking if you could please help me in the time of financial need. Things aren’t like they use to be for me and I feel the constant struggle everyday. I am coming to you asking for help through the financial struggles.

I’ve asked you to removed all the people that you didn’t won’t in my life and that removed alot of financial stability. I pray that something happens in my time of need where I can be a little more comfortable and am able to support my family a little more than I am.

Lord I know you know what’s best and I know you won’t put too much on me that I can’t bare but lord I am becoming overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed. Lord I love you and I may not dedicate enough time to you but I ask for your help in Jesus name I pray. Amen!!!

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