Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

by Rohan (St. Vincent)

Dear Lord,

You declare that this earth is yours and the fullness thereof. you declare that all the silver and the Gold in the world belong to you. You declare dear father that the cattle on a thousand hills belong to you.

I believe your word dear Lord, I trust your promises. I have come time and time again asking for your help in my finances and I am coming once again. Lord I am asking that you come through for me in a way like never before. I am not seeking another loan to put me further in debt, although if it is a loan that is manageable I will be grateful to you for dear Lord. I am asking in the name of Jesus that you move the hand of the devourer from off my finances, turn my seemingly hopeless and overwhwelming situation around dear Lord. I’m pleading, I asking, I’m begging of you dear Lord. Forgive me of my foolish ways and foolish and self destructive financial blunders and show up in my financial situation like only you can dear Lord.

I claim my deliverance in the name of Jesus, I declare deliverance from debt over my life by the blood of Jesus.

Thank you Lord for answering. May your will be done and to you be all the honour and praise dear God. In Jesus name. AMEN!