Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

by James (Pennsylvania)

Father in Heaven,

I thank You for always supplying for our needs and ask for forgiveness for my wife and myself for not always making the best choices regarding our finances. I pray that you would cleanse us of this and that you would bring a breakthrough in our lives not only financially but in all aspects of our lives. It seems that there are always unplanned for expenses that drain our finances and we struggle week to week and worry about our financial situation. GOD I pray for that breakthrough that only You alone know is perfect for us so that we would not have any more issues with finances and that we could focus more on this abundant life that You have given us. In Jesus name, I pray abundances in the areas of our lives, spiritual, physical, emotional, financial. That we would live life to the full till it overflows and no longer live under the oppression of the evil one. In Christ’s holy name Jesus, Amen.

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