Prayer for financial breakthrough

by Logan (Gauteng)

Dear Lord

I have fallen into the debt trap as a result of some poor financial decisions and I have dragged my wife into this trap as well. We have tried several options for financial assistance however because of our over indebtedness no financial provider wants to carry the risk. We have decided to seek a home loan through the equity in our property as a last resort through the financial institutes and we are trusting that god will oversee the approval of this application so that once again I am able to be a provider to my wife and kids.
I realize I have made some poor choices but we are both committed to settling this debt and becoming debt free but we need a supernatural breakthrough from our lord and savior Jesus Christ to get us back to a healthy financial state. My wish is to be able to sow into the kingdom of God and be a blessing onto others however of late I don’t have the means to do so.

Dear Father please forgive our sins and restore us through your grace and mercy.

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