Prayer for Financial Breakthrough in Life

by Andrew (Lagos, Nigeria)

God has been merciful and gracious to me and I am entirely grateful for this.

Right now, I have no savings and I have been in paid employment for over 24 years, I am finding it difficult to pay my two kids (in primary school) school fees, I am finding it difficult to pay my house rent, my wife feels strongly that I am not able to provide for the family. I sometimes see myself as a failure.
I am almost 50 years and will soon retire from paid employment. I need to setup a viable business venture, but can’t even think of any.

I have been praying that God Almighty will intervene in my situation and lift me up from this miry clay. That God Almighty in His mercies should have compassion on me.

I know He is bigger than all my doubts, my fears, my worries, my cares, my troubles, my pains and in a twinkling of an eye can change my situation for the best.

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