Prayer for Financial breakthrough for us here in South Africa

by Sharon (South Africca)

Good Morning,

I am a troubled woman financially, I have depts. all over the country, no one can assist me to pay all the depts. I have, I have a job that wont be able to pay the depts. I have, I am paying every month with the little that I have, but at the end of the day I’m left with nothing to survive with, I sometimes fail to buy enough groceries for the family, as I don’t have money.

I really am trying to pay, but still Its like I’m not doing anything, the worst thing that I feel guilty for is that , I’m not even tithing at all, I know the implications of not tithing as a child of God are bad. but I really don’t have money to give tithing as well.

Please pray for me, I know God can do a miracle In my life! I need a breakthrough! I trust God has a purpose for my life, he wont leave me to suffer like this.

I receive Gods miracle, & intervention right now! Amen!

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