Prayer for Financial Breakthrough for My Family and I

I need a real profound financial breakthrough. I recently had to move back with my dad with my two kids because of my financial woes. I’ve been looking for employment, attempted to drum up business for my online businesses and even tried starting a delivery service and still nothing.

I feel like I’m cursed financially and no matter what I do it doesn’t end up with the desired result. Please help me prayer warriors, I need all the prayer I can get to help break my financial chains! God bless you

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  1. Praying for you and myself

    Im praying for you and with me myself are going through the exact situation you dealing with, instead im staying with family that don’t want me and my children here,i know this feeling,myself asking please pray for me and my children,we lost everything,its hard trying to find a job.i want to open up my own cleaning business,but it takes money to make some,and im so deep in the whole i need God at this very moment.Still praying for you and your family may God bless you in every way. P.s. he has a plan for you.

  2. a believer

    I will pray for you and your family but everyone would yous also pray for me and my family that will get through this ruff patch and that we get all of are bills payed and that we get just tons of blessings of wealth please I beg of yous and that I make the right choices in life and that I make the right decision on going back to school or not so that I can become a RN nurse ….I will also pray for all of yous also 🙂 god bless everyone ….and to the person who put this pray to st Jude he has help me through a lot of things in life

  3. Praying for you

    Praying for your strength to persevere. May He open doors for you which no man can close. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  4. Chain breaker

    Do not give any power to anything negative by stating that you feel cursed. In the name of Jesus you are not cursed. Pray hard & rebuke those feelings away. Rebuke, fast, worship, & give it all to God. You can not get on your knees & pray to God about your situation & then get up from praying & still carry the burden with you that you were suppose to be giving to God. If you do this, then you did not give it all to God. It may be hard to be positive during a reality storm but the intent is for us to trust in God, have faith in God, lean on God, become closer to God, love God, & cast our worries away by giving them to God. God is a chain breaker, the power of prayer is a chain breaker, but being positive is the key. I am positive for you right now. In the name of Jesus Christ, you will be blessed.

    Dear Lord, I come to you in prayer to ask You to bless this family from head to toe. I ask You Lord to guide them all to where it is that You want them to be. I ask You Lord to hear their prayers & to give them the desires of their hearts if it is Your will. I ask You Lord to create a strong positive atmosphere around each individual. I ask You to remove any doubt, fear, negative thoughts, & curses if there are any. I ask You to be a blessing to this family & to provide them with the essentials that they need in their daily reality. In the name of Jesus, we say “thank You” in advance and we pray and say Amen in the name Of Jesus Christ

  5. Faith

    Good morning
    I am praying for you this morning
    Many successful people failed many times
    They keep trying it is hard but you are not cursed
    Please go to church each Sunday take your
    Kids Jesus is your Partner

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