Prayer for Financial Breakthrough and to Get Out of Debt

Lord God and Heavenly father, King of Kings my advocate. I thank you for what you do for my family. Right now we are in financial trouble as we owe so much to schools that our children attended. Right now we have a son due to start high school come January 2016.

Please Lord provide for the fees we need for him to start school. Our children have missed school before because of what we owe, please Lord provide us with enough to clear all debt to the 3 educational institutions. Our Rentals are also behind, our utilities as well. We are so sorry Lord for we have disgraced you by not managing our finances well. We kept hoping for a change in our financial situation whilst worsening our debt levels.

Please Lord may you provide a full time job for my husband so that he will be able to provide well for his family. Thank you Lord and God for you have been faithful before and we believe your word that You indeed have plans to prosper us and not to harm us. To give us hope and a future.

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