Prayer for financial breakthrough and clearance of debts

I greet you all in the Mighty name of our Son and Saviour Jesus Christ, brethren stand with me in prayer my life is just a mess i need God’s intervention so i can overcome the situation that am going through in my life.

I am facing serious financial crisis and i tried all my plans to overcome this but the more i try the deeper i got into debts and for now i dont really know what to do so i can manage to get out.

Now my life is just a headache for me am going through a lot of stress, i struggle even to pay my rent, my furniture, my bank loan am always in arrears and people are always calling me looking for their money so i dont have any peace and rest in my life, i live by borrowing and at the end of the month i struggle to make ends meet.
I only need God to locate my life and help me get out of this situation so i can manage to provide for other people and take care of the gospel of God!

Be blessed as you do that!

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