Prayer for financial break through

by Zandile Hlongwane (South Africa)

Dear God almighty father,

You are the ONLY father I know. Forgive me father for I have sinned. My mom has always said to me that I mustn’t live a life that I cannot afford, but it always seemed nice and glamorous and I felt I had to live it since no one else was going to make it happen for me. But I now know, with you God, all things are possible.

you have taken me to a place where I can see life differently. I have gotten off my high horse. I humble myself Lord God.

Forgive me for all the Debts I have made for irrelavent things now that I want to do important things, I am unable to. I have no other means of financial help but my salary which doesn’t carry me through the month because of my debts. I ask you Lord through Jesus Christ your son to turn my situation around that I am able to study this year and get my qualification.

that I am able to have enough gas to get me to my destinations o Lord. That I have enough to put food on the table. Please God with your breathe sweep away all my sorrows, all my debts, all my insecurities, all my worries and all my flaws and all that is standing on my way to succeed. Help me focus and do things right. Love right, work smart and guide me and guard me always. I am thanking you for all that you have given me the opportunities and I am sorry for misusing them. I love you my Heavenly father.

Please hear my prayer and I ask you God through Jesus Christ your son to TAKE OVER!

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  1. You are not alone

    The prodigal son also lived outside of his means, taking his inheritance and squandering it on possessions and things with no true value. Even more so, he could not see this until all of his “friends” had left him, and he was so humbled that he realized a servant in his father’s house would live a better life than he was living now. I have often done the same thing, and only recently have I started to see what things I NEED and what things I WANT. But I take comfort in knowing that when the prodigal son returned, he was not met by his father’s chastising or condemnation. Instead he was greeted with love and joy. A feast was prepared in celebration. His father didn’t dwell on his absence, but rejoiced in his return. I also know that when we do decide to live within our means, and focus on Him who is really important, that our cup begins to run over, and he will give us the things that we need and more. I agree with you right now. I thank God that were humbled to learn a spiritual lesson, and that we are blessed to return to his favor. I rebuke unemployment and anxiety. I pray for peace and favor, for both of us, and for those who come to God and ask for it in earnest. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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