Prayer for financial break through in our bad situation

by Tina (Kabarole Uganda)

Lord our Father, I thank you for the gift of life and all the blessings Iave enjoyed since I was born. I ask for forgiveness for sins committed conciously and unconciously.Teach me to be prayerfull, kind and forgiving to others.

I request for your immedient intervention into my life to rescue me fom the pressing financial problems that Iam facing.

My business is at th everge of collapsing and I have debts to settle. Efforts made to find solution have not been fruitful. Everything I try fail at the edge of realising success. I have prayed and sometimes fasted with strong faith that you will give me solution to my problems. As I wait for your time Iam going through alot of agony and stress e.t.c Nevertherless, I trust belive you will come to my rescue. Ineed a miracle to address the above matter. God father I need your immediate rescue because I feel helpless and deep in my heart I feel lonely .
Thank you for answering my prayer.