Prayer for Financial blessings

by SSM (Miami, Florida)

Dear God,

Before I say anything, I want to give you praise and thanks to you. I may not be where I want to be in life, but I do believe that I am where you want me to be. These trials and tribulations sometimes get the best of me, but I am praying that you help me keep my faith solely in you dear God. Right now my finances are not good.

I barely make enough to pay my bills and at times that can be frustrating. Like most Americans, I am living from paycheck to paycheck. I am behind on most of my bills and I am desperately trying to figure a way out of this financial bind.

God I am asking for financial favor and blessings from you. I have my mom and myself to support, so God I need your help. I am not asking for a lot of money, all I am asking for is just enough to be able to breath and live more comfortable. You are a God of abundance and I know you will bless me soon. In today’s economy it’s hard to find a decent job that will pay you enough to sustain yourself and your family.

I have been searching for a part time job, but lately luck hasn’t been on my side. I don’t want to complain dear lord because if I do it will seem as though I’m being ungrateful. It’s a simple prayer of me asking for a financial blessing from you my Father. You have brought me to far to let go of me now. I know you hear all of your children’s prayers, but God we are all asking that you show up now in our lives.

We are not depending on humans to better our lives, we are depending solely on you dear God. Give us the faith and the patience to weather this storm. I gives thanks in advance for what you are about to do in our lives.