Prayer for financial blessings to pay off debts

by Ebet ()

Dear Lord, I humbly ask your mercy to forgive me of all my wrong decisions and my pride that made me enter into this miserable life full of debts. You know how much I struggled to meet both ends to cope all our daily needs and obligations as well to pay debts. But our resources are not enough to meet all these obligations.

I admit this is our fault for all the wrong doings we have done not in accordance to your will. I repented it so much for doing such evil things. Lord please give me the right path and the means to solve my financial problem to pay all my debts. I have sinned against you and to my brother and sister for taking advantage of their goodness to me. Please cleanse me all my guilt feelings for all my sins and help me to walk with you and not to sin anymore. In Jesus name please come closer to me. Amen