Prayer for Financial blessings to Pay Debts

by Mari Beth ()

Lord, I kneel before you begging to hear my prayers. I admit all these obstacles in our life happens because of our wrong decisions and ignoring to do the good deeds.You have done so many good things to me and my family I should be thankful for it but I just take it for granted I am sorry Lord.

I repented so much for all my wrong doing. I know you are a forgiving God so please forgive me and I ask from you the gift of righteousness. Now, I am in trouble for not able to pay our debts in the Bank. I humbly ask you a favor to help us through your divine mercy in the solution of the financial problems we are facing now.

Protect our house for foreclosure, Give us the right way to augment our income enough to meet our needs and obligations. In Jesus Name please help us. Amen