Prayer for Financial Blessings to Come Soon

by Sheila (St. Louis, Mo)

Please dear Lord I pray that you will shower us with your blessings help us with our financial burdons. We are about to be evicted and don’t know day to day if we will even have food to eat we are drowning in bills. I’m in fear now that I’m older and can’t provide like I used to.

I have no family only you can help me dear Lord please take these worries from me. I’ll keep trying the lottery and pray that you will bless me I will share with others in need dear Lord.

Oh how that would ease my soul only to be able to help others in need along with myself as I am not a greedy person. I need immediate help I pray that you hear my prayers dear Lord. I love you dear Lord in Jesus name I pray Amen, So be it, truely, truely. Your daughter in need Sheila