Prayer for financial blessings for paying monthly amortization past due date

by JJL (Philippines)

God Our Father who Art in heaven holy be your Name your kingdom come your will be done upon my situation now..Lord God PleasePlease help my struggle of housing 5months delayed I need to seetle urgentlyurgently and other expenses like the education of my children I need to enroll them..Father God please touch the heart of M. Yamashita I want him back to me I want him talk to me from this moment I need him a lot God please turn Yamashita into my life now his the one who could supply the needs of my family and I promise myself till mylast breath I thank him everything even I take care of him in his older age someday to thank him back what he done in my life in 12 years his always there to support and supply our needs I begging you Lord to retain the heart of Yamashita back to me now.

God Please bless this home for us and bless us here with my children..I dedicate this home for you Lord as this is your gift to me I really appreciate and thanks to you God for all the Blessing you gave and have many more to come this very jesus MightyGod i pray everything will be alright now AMEN

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