Prayer for Financial Blessings for Our Family

by Seth (Mukileo, Washington)

Lord Jesus, I am asking for your financial blessing upon me and my family, and those who are seeking financial solution for their family. I will keep on believing and trusting in you, no matter what situation I may face. With you Oh Lord, all things are possible.

I may be walking in the dark valley but I believe that your staff and your rod is comforting me and my family. I will keep on honoring and praising you everyday, no matter how difficult my life may be. Teach me how to stay strong in my faith, and keep me away from any temptation. Teach me how to be a Peace Maker and Role Model to people around me.

Teach me how to be faithful in my relationship with you so I may be able to perform miracle in my life. I forgive those who have done wrong against me, and I am asking for your forgiveness for all my sins. Thank you for your financial blessings and I will use what every money you will give me, not only to help my family but my neighbors and those who live on the street etc.

Thank you for giving yourself away to the evil people of the world, so you could die to save the sins of the world. I love you Lord Jesus, and I will praise you all the days of my life.


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