Prayer for Financial blessings, family healing and job security

by Evelyn (Greenwood MS USA)

Oh Father God, I give you all the honor, all the victory and all the praise. Father God I thank you for forgiving me of all my sins known and unknown. I thank you Father God for all you have done for me every day. I thank you for your saving grace and mercy.

Today Father God I come to you as a humble servant asking for a financial blessing. I’m about to lose my home, my utilities are about to be turned off, my automobile needs serious repairs, I have only $4 to my name today. My unemployment extension has been exhausted and I have no other means to support myself. I applied today for a job and I am praying that I will be hired so that I will be able to sustain and keep up from here on out. Father God I ask that you look upon me in my distress and bless me.

I am so weary and I just need some peace of mind. Father God I know that there may be others who need you more than me and who have bigger issues than mine and I ask that you will comfort them and take care of their needs as well.

Thank you Father for your grace and mercy in Jesus name I pray Amen, Amen and amen

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