Prayer for financial blessings and healing

by Monica (Florida)

Father God I am seeking your blessing so that my self and my daughters will be financially bless so that we all can pay off for our homes and help us to buy a home lord whom don’t have the one, help us to have all our needs fulfill lord god pleases help us lord to prosper as your words declare lord god pleases send your blessings down on us on me lord god help me so I can have the finance in my old days to own my home lord so at lease I do not have to depend on any one buy you lord god pleases help me, help us lord please, let our lives be a living testimony in this world god please… please God I give you thank lord,

I give you praise , I give you the glory you so deserve lord as I prayer and ask You to have mercies on us on me lord god please, thank you god thank you kindly

please god heal my wound on my leg god please there is no sign of the flesh growing back god please heavenly father God please heal me from my chronic diabetes, that cause me not to have feelings in both feet, legs and that I brunt my leg so deep and never felt it lord please heal me god please I prayer healing over my I prayer healing over my daughter chronic anxiety. god so she will not have to take the medication and be alert to take care of her kids lord please help …thank you father god than you all these I beg of you amen amen amen

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