Prayer for Financial Blessing

Most merciful Father, I am in a financial crunch. I am struggling to meet my financial obligations at the end of each month. I have so many debts and it seems there is no way out for me. My creditors are hounding me and I have no where to hide. I am unable to pay school fees, car installments and the other debts from my loans.

I am sinking in debt and there are so many who depend on me. Please merciful God, shine your face upon me and shower me with blessings that will alleviate this burden on my shoulders. I am so scared because I am at the brink of losing everything. Lord God, I am aware that there are many of your children who are also making this prayer for financial help. There probably are even more of your children who have a greater need. I have previously made investments and savings that were supposed to look after me during this period of great need. Unfurtanely as you are aware, those in charge are refusing to release my money. Dear God, I pray that in helping me out of this financial catastrophe, with your power and might, You also intervene to get the money that is rightfully mine, released by these people so that I can also pay for my debts. The month is coming to an end and my sleepless nights have become a daily occurrence. Please intervene most merciful Father and relieve me from this financial distress. I ask this through your beloved Son, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever, Amen.

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