Prayer for Financial Blessing to Help Other People

by Roma (VA)

Most Holy Apostle St. Jude I come to you for your divine assistance in our family’s financial burden. We are in a lot of debt and me & my husband’s income are not enough to pay our bills and credit cards.

Lately, my husband’s job is not so stable. His supervisor is cutting/jeopardizing his job hours/schedule. I have a lot of credit cards with high balances and I am having a hard time paying the minimum dues. We are going to our native country this Christmas and this adds up to our debts. We have not been home for more than 18 years and we need to see my parents because they are old and sickly lately.

I am asking you St. Jude to help us pay our debts and give us extra financial help so when we go to our country we can help the sick kids who are poor. We want to help poor people in our native country who are sick and we can only do this if we will have extra money.

Please help us with our advocacy, that it will turn into reality. We know that you are the “Patron of Hopeless Cases”, we promised that we will forever be grateful to you. AMEN.

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