Prayer for Financial Blessing and Success

by Tonja (Tampa, Fla,USA)

Father God, I come in the name of Jesus thanking your for life, health and strength. god, I thank for for my last night lying down and my early rising today. Father i ask you to forgive me of my many sins. Lord strengthen me where I am weak, build me up where I am torn down.

Father most of my adult life I am enjoyed you blessing me with jobs that have allowed me to continue to support my family. God i thank you for these blessings. Now God I have been demoted by my employer and I have 2 kids in college. I am asking in your name for a great financial break through. Father I would like to begin my own civil rights agency. I want to provide protection to those who have been treated badly based on the color of their skin and any other way. i have been the victim of such behaviors and you have been a very present help.

today, I am behind in my bills and my spirit is tired and weary. I know I will find strength in your perfect peace. You word tell me that to ask and it will be given according to you will. I don’t believe that you brought me this far to leave me. I will be the head and not the tail. i will be the lender and not the borrower.

God please bless my life with abundance in my finances with no sorrow and I will be careful to give you the glory and the honor. In your name i pray. Amen

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