Prayer for Financial Benefits

by Keecia (California)

Lord I ask that you would bless each person that has written to this forum and asked for help financially. Your scripture says lord that you will meet all of our needs according t your riches in Christ Jesus. So God right now I ask that you would meet each need.

Lord I ask that you would not only meet the need but that you would give them the abundance that you promised according to your word. Father your scriptures tell us you are able to do exceeding abundantly above and beyond anything that we can ask or think. So God we thank you right now for the abundance. God I ask that you would forgive us for making decision that were not wise with our finances. God we repent for our part that we have played in putting ourselves in these positions. Father God your scriptures say that you will bless us just as you promised.

Father God you said we would be lenders and not borrowers. God you said that we will reign over many nations, but they would not reign over us. Father since you are our Sheppard we shall not want. for anything. You anoint our heads with oil and our cups are running over father God. Father we thank you for loading daily with your benefits, those benefits that are far greater than any amount that we owe to anyone. Father God we thank you that you are God and your will supply every need according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Thank you God for what you are going to do.

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  1. Lord hear this prayer

    Lord please hear this prayer and please add that our National leaders read this prayer, think about the words, then make good changes to the budget of the USA. Please forgive all the leaders for carelessly spending money on things they know are not wise. Please help them to finally see that it is time for change and it needs to be done now. Please Lord help the leaders and anyone who needs the extra help to become financially responsible for themselves and for our Nation.
    Lord hear our prayer.

  2. thank you !

    thank you for posting a prayer for all ! not just for you but for all of us ! i have witnessed several miraculous prayers answered…God is listening 🙂 the angels can deliver our pray ers also erer

  3. Thank You, you are a blessing to myself and others

    Thank you for your prayer for all that are in need. Your prayer touched something deep down in me and gave me that little bit of extra faith I needed to go on. Thank you again, I know god have angles every where!

  4. God bless you!

    How awesome for your prayer to include everyone! Your prayer was so scripturally true and gave me a since of peace while praying it! I pray God continues to bless you!

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