Prayer for financial assistance

by Good For Nothing Old Maid (Baguio City,Philippines)

Father God please help me financially.I am broke.My sisters and brother have gone tired helping me and refuse to communicate to me.i have a heart ailment and I have no money to buy my medicine.It is giving me some difficulty.You know Father God,You can see it.

I cannot also go to work because I have no money.Aside from having been deserted by my siblings,my adopted son speaks foul to me and does not care too.i like to move out too from our mother house but where should I go when I do not even have money for my fare.I am thinking of quitting my job and go to the nunnery at least when I die they perhaps would bury me decently and pray for my filthy and sinful soul but how would they accept a 57 year old good for nothing and sickly old maid?Oh God all my life I suffered from financial,emotional,social poverty.

Why can you not forgive me and make me financially stable ?Please cut all curses hurled against me from time immemorial to the present and future.Otherwise I wish to die. I am so sad.My sisters and brothers have always hurt me and hated me more than cared but I do not complain.Who am I anyway.It just hurts being abandoned just because they are moneyed and I am not.

god would you please give money?Please sustain my Spiritual and temporal long would I always be poor in money as well as friends too.why am I hated this much I cannot understand.It is very,very frustrating to poor in almost everything.What they see outside is seemingly an okay woman but in truth is a broken woman,who could hardly stand up because of the blows of life.

Dear God would you help me and forgive too like You did to King David?Although I am nothing unlike King David,I am an unworthy earthling.I cross my finger that help would somehow come my way.Amen

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