Prayer for Financial and Wedding Plans

by Kenn (Usa)

After holding out in faith and praying to you oh God for a financial break. I am at wits ends now but still holding fast in my faith. I am praying for a money blessings , no of millions but just 5000 to marry the most beautiful woman . I am working but its check to check and no savings. I am, praying for a blessings.

I would truly love to give her a decent marriage and though i am strong i do feel sad inside. Being a christian it makes me feel not strong of a man the bible wants me to be,and with so many dishonesty out in this world who else can i turn to that will truly believe me, but you oh God.

God you knows that i too have had my doubts when i would hear some ask for help ,now here i am sincerely asking and praying for you to open a way for me. Recession can indeed be a tool of the Devil, but with prayer i have faith that a way shall be opened for me . I also give thanks to you God for continued health to be able to work and repay by helping othere who may be in need after me. I thank you God daily for all you has done for me so far,shall continue to do for me and to help move and crush this stumbling rock that blocks my way towards what you oh God has instructed us in the holy word. I truly love my wife to be and we are truly praying for our holy joining of hearts and love, and continue to spend our lives with love , peace and continued faith in God .Father i as u to show me the ways now, to open the path to yearning.

Mighty God , i ask u , that it may not be in cash but in any way that may help into fulfilling my dream. Mighty God, my prayer is not locked on money cash in my hand , but for you to provide any assistance helping me. I am truly overwhelmed oh god. My pockets can be bare and empty but oh God i just want to marry the woman i truly love. Father God if it could have been so then you can plan and set the wedding,and we (my wife and i) shall be there. OH father God i ask to let someone reach out a helping hand in anyway , anyway on God and truly make a blessing in this troubled time.

Father God i believe and know with faith that you SHALL hear my cry and tend onto my pleas. My prayer shall not fall upon the dry earth but shall be lifted up towards you merciful ear. Oh God in your word i put my trust, i am knocking , i am seeking and i am asking , for it is by your words i live my life daily. May your mighty name always be praised with a joyful heart. amen

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