Prayer for financial and tight and improvement

by VKP (Malaysia)

Am going get married soon coming month, i know am having bad financial issue with my previous down fall time. I been struggling for 5 years where i could not able to stand up again because of my low income, i been earning good enough due to some circumstances i lost my job and i been undergoing some debt on credit cards, keep trying my level best to keep up with the credits and finally manage with some but still tight up.

My fiancee is nice person and he been adopted by american culture and being calculative some time and informed me to share whatever we going to spend and for future expenses too, but at the moment i have no support from my family where am finding my own way to get it done and make sure everything to goes fine with me and my married life.

I am planning for re-finance on my won house/property to clear my debt..Please pray for me and the future transaction on my refinance issue, because i have no other way than my mortgage, hope this would help me.

Pray for my financial issue, wedding, future transaction and to clear debt.

Thank you

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