Prayer for Financial and Health Relief

by William M. Topel (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

God the Father, Creator of all and everything, and Jesus, Lord of lords, and Your Son and my Savior, thank you for all your blessings, seen and unseen. Please forgive all my sins and cleanse me as I repent. You have said that you will provide all my needs if I put my faith and trust and belief in You.

Jesus, Name above all names, I have financial needs due to the state of our nation’s economy, my age, and my past decisions. Those financial needs are my inability to pay the utilities for my house, to pay my bills, to pay my property tax, to find a good stable roommate, to make the needed repairs on my house and car and property, to be able to give to others when asked for help, and to find a good job that won’t further tax my aging mind and body. Those financial needs, if met, will allow me to continue my college education in the fall, if I can register for the two classes I need, so that I can, within 2 to 3 years hopefully, graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree so that I may find fruitful and productive employment until the day that You call me from this physical presence on Your earth, as I have very, very, very little retirement investment monies anymore to secure me in my older age in this precarious economy which is being degraded daily by those who control our peoples’ purse-strings. Jesus, please help me overcome my financial challenges.

Jesus, Name above all names, I also have health challenges. You and only You allowed me to survive a massive heart attack over 18 months ago. You and only You have allowed me to cheat death many times. Jesus, you know my current health challenges, from my heart to my back, from my head to my foot, and all parts in between. Jesus, the Great Physician and Healer, please heal me: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Jesus, Name above all names, I also pray for Your blessings, protection, and welfare for those in my “oikos” — my family, friends, and relatives — and for all around me, including our business, political, and religious leaders of these United States of America, Your Blessed Nation founded with Your Blessings and Consent, who need to hear Your Will and your Guidance to help our people and our country turn away from our sins and seek Your face, so that our land can heal again as You have promised, and for my enemies that persecute me and other Christians, so that they may see Your Majesty, Your Power, and Your Love.

Jesus, Alpha and Omega, I give all my problems and challenges — financial, health, and relationships — to You to help You sort them out for me, so that I may do Your Will, so that I may prosper once again, in order to give You all the Glory, and in order to show others Your Grace, Your Mercy, and Your Love. I humbly ask You, Jesus, my Advocate before Your Father, to please grant my pleas for help, if it is Your Will on this Independence Day ” the birthday of One Nation Under God.. I ask my prayer in Your Name, Jesus, and for Your sake, Jesus. Amen.