Prayer for financial aid.

by Criselda (Cebu City)

Lord, the world is wonderful to live. We appreciated every little things we acquired from you. But Lord my Husband is under treatment of PTB for 6 mos. that he is pending on his medical for abroad. Now that he is currently jobless, I can not avoid to be worried of our daily needs. We are always running out of money.

I am working but the salary i`ve got is not enough for my entire family. Aside from my Husband and my daughter, Im also providing the needs of my mother, my 2 brothers & 1 sister w/ her 2 sons. It`s a very difficult situation. But i never give up, instead i`d rather pray hard because i believe in your mercy.

You are the most powerful, our savior and everything. You are our dearest friend that can count on. Thank you so much in advance for the coming blessings. We love you Lord!

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