Prayer for financial aid (loan debts, school fees, other)

Lord God, I have always come here in times of our need. I know that You will never fail us. Thank You so much for hearing my prayer last time, for helping me in my school fees. At that time, I lost all the strength but then You gave me light.

I have proven that in those times, I can count on You and You will never fail me and my family. This time Lord, I would like to ask again for your help. Please help us find a way to pay the balance for our house. Help me pay the amount I borrowed to get enrolled and most importantly help us not to be in bigger debt anymore.

Only You is whom I can count on. Please hear me Lord. Please hear me. Help us find a way before the deadline. I know, I trust that You will not fail us for You are the greatest of all. Thank You so much! I love You, Lord God!

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