Prayer for Financial Aid and to help pray my daughter for her job hunting as well as my husband

by Fhe Lopez (Caloocan)

I am the only one who brings bread and bacon to the house, my husband cannot get or find a good job that best suits him, although he is a hardworking one, there’s even a point in our life that we almost lost single penny on our wallet, looking back to where we started we used to have a beautiful and bountiful life,

we have our home, car, business we can eat whatever food we wanted to have, send children to private schools with two yaya’s but all of this vanished. I know god has something good for my family, I never questioned him but I pray that he will still give me strength and courage for all the stumbling block in our lives,

I never practice stingy attitude in our house because I’m afraid that it will go back to me and my family. Also, I prayed that my daughter Denyze will successfully find job with safe people around and she will learn many things. Dear Lord, help me Oh! God with my financial crisis. Please uplift my heart and always walk with you.

Dear God! bless and touch my daughters heart Denyze and Nicole, my son Joshua to be good and and respectful with us. My husband to love me more and my children. Thank you for everything, In Jesus name… Amen….