Prayer for financial abundance

by Alpana (India)

O lord myself and my family(which includes my husband, son who is studying in class X) are going through a lot of financial crisis. We started a food catering business last year in April 2014 but unfortunately we incurred huge loss and now we are having huge market loan as well. everyday my vendors and people from whom we had taken money are calling and asking for money. My phone rings to only my lenders no good news comes. we are really trying our level best to get some big catering services in cash dealings from marriage ceremonies or any other kind of food catering ceremonies. But to our bad luck we are not getting any cash orders but are getting orders in credit. By doing credit business we are not getting any cash from anywhere. My father is a retired person my mother is a house wife but still she is trying her best to arrange money from some where or the other to repay our loans. I am giving them trouble and tension as well. I am v depressed and upset with life. Really not understanding how we will carry out our business. I am asking Lord to please help us and take us out of this crisis as now its been a year we are not getting to see any good days. Lenders and vendors use bad language on us as there payments are getting delayed. O Lord please bless us with continuous cash business so that we can repay off all our loans, bad debts. So that i can fulfill my son’s requirements also. I shall surely glorify Lords name openly in front of others. Please i ask u all to help us.

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