Prayer for Financial Abundance

by Colleen (Miami, Florida, U.S.)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you today to request a financial abundance. I have been working the same job for 17 years with no promotion and am overlooked. I have had to watch others get promotions and yet, I wait. I have never felt as though I was fully accepted into the job I have.
I left a career to come to this job which was based on lies. I am in dire straights financially and cannot see a way past it. My house needs repairs and I need to pay off student loans.
Lord, please bless my finances so that I can do more for and with my children, to help those in need and to pay off all of my bills.
You were with me Lord when I was rushed to the hospital with sever chest pains and the times I had gone to the hospital due to extreme pain in my back to the point where I could barely walk. The stress and worry over my finances keeps me awake at night and I am only getting a few hours of sleep per night.
Both my husband and I work and yet there are times we are late paying our bills. The cost of living goes up but our finances remain the same. We are forced to pay more with less. The stress and anxiety of not being able to pay off my student loans and other bills is having a toll on my overall health.
I have applied for better paying positions only to find out that they had been previously given to another employee before the interviews began. Lord, I never thought that my life would turn out the way it has. I am depressed, anxious, worried and yes angry. My life is nothing. I feel as if I am stuck in cement watching others have happy lives, getting promotions, going on vacations, going shopping and my husband and I can hardly get by.
So please Lord, help me before the stress, worry, anxiety leaves my children without a mother because if something doesn’t happen I know that all of this will kill me.

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