Prayer for Financial Abundance

by Patti ()

Dear Lord, I have started a business and was building it nicely and now the foundation of how I built it is being rocked.

I am in such stress and I am not sure how to proceed.
I need clarity and guidance. I need financial stability. I need to be secure in your embrace Lord. Please lift me up in your arms and protect me from this attack and help me to find my true foundation on You.
Help me to be able to build on your purpose for me. Guide me Lord to walk the path you have laid out before me.
Strengthen me Lord.
Sustain me.
and release this stress that wakes me at night.
I always fall first on my knees to you.
Thank you Lord for loving me through the seasons of my life.
Thank you Lord for always providing.
help me see more clearly where you lead.
and give me the strength and the perseverance to keep moving forward.
I ask this in Jesus name,

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