Prayer for finances to clear Education Loan

by Andrew (Kenya)

Prayer for finances to clear Higher Education Loans Board debt in Kenya

Almighty father i am before you this time to first thank you for the far that you have seen me and my family.Thank you. Secondly i am praying earnestly to you to provide finances to clear my education loan. Dear God, you know that ever since i graduated, i have been looking for employment without success and the loan has been steadily increasing from monthly penalties and interest up to a point where only a miracle can get me out. The loan is threatening to break my family as the HELB debt collectors are hot on my heels in the past few days. I pray that you give me a solution to this predicament and i will live to glorify your name for ever. Send me your guardian angels to guard my family that this situation will only work to hold us even closer with your love. Bless those who read my prayer and pray for me.

For i pray trusting and believing in Jesus Christ. Amen

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