Prayer for finances and small business

(Salem, Oregon)


We failed to look to you alone for all provision, and used credit cards to make ends meet. As you know, we’ve been going through the motions, getting nowhere. We’re not giving like we want to, and don’t know where to begin. You know our personal finances are in shambles, and we cannot pull ourselves out of this trouble without your help. We haven’t been completely careless, but have certainly entrapped ourselves, often doing things we thought we must, on our own, in order to keep going.

We have a great idea for a small business, and we ask that you help that idea grow into something that can change the lives of our family and be used as an instrument to provide blessings to countless others.

You know our dreams- you placed them in our hearts. Please intervene. Please bless us indeed, trust us, and let us be a blessing to others.

In Jesus’ name,